MSLA 2015 Outstanding Teacher-Librarian of the Year: Brandi Nicholauson

It has been a stel­lar year for Brandi as she has been involved in many new and sus­tain­able ini­tia­tives that have moved the school library learn­ing com­mons for­ward into the spot­light, not only in her own school divi­sion but in her advo­cacy posi­tion within the MSLA.

Brandi Nicholau­son has proven her pas­sion and com­mit­ment to her posi­tion as Teacher Librar­ian in both her role at Henry G. Izatt Mid­dle School and in her role as Advo­cacy Chair on the MSLA. It is clear in every­thing Brandi does as a Teacher Librar­ian that she has the needs and inter­ests of the 21st cen­tury learner at the heart of her actions. She has devel­oped a Mak­er­space in her learn­ing com­mons over the past year that grew organ­i­cally through Brandi’s guid­ance, sup­port and by lis­ten­ing to her stu­dents. As an out­stand­ing teacher librar­ian, Brandi strives to ensure tech­nol­ogy inte­gra­tion, multi-modal lit­er­acy oppor­tu­ni­ties and instruc­tional co-teaching oppor­tu­ni­ties are being attained in her school. In keep­ing with the beliefs of the school library learn­ing com­mons, Brandi pro­vides lead­er­ship to her staff and stu­dents regard­ing dig­i­tal cit­i­zen­ship, BYOD learn­ing, cod­ing, social media, the use of 3D print­ers and the deliv­ery of inno­v­a­tive cur­ricu­lum design.

Peggy Hobson Presents the 2015 Outstanding Teacher-Librarian of the Year Award to Brandi Nicholauson

Peggy Hob­son Presents the 2015 Out­stand­ing Teacher-Librarian of the Year Award to Brandi Nicholauson

Brandi sees the role of the teacher librar­ian as not only leader, but as coach, some­one who cheers her stu­dents on and guides them in their own self-directed learn­ing. It is evi­dent in the many ini­tia­tives that the stu­dents of H.G.I have exe­cuted in the past few years that have come about due to her encour­age­ment and guid­ance as their teacher librar­ian. As part of the staff team at Henry G. Izatt, it is evi­dent that stu­dent learn­ing is not the only focus. Teach­ers seek Brandi to join them with their grade level or team ini­tia­tives or to learn from her. Brandi is always will­ing to join in with inquiry project or with assist­ing in the devel­op­ment of a new strat­egy or new learn­ing. Her knowl­edge base and abil­ity to strate­gi­cally imple­ment pos­i­tive learn­ing envi­ron­ments is well known.

Brandi is a fore­run­ner in devel­op­ing mean­ing­ful com­mu­nity con­nec­tions. Whether it is tak­ing a group of stu­dents to inter­view a vet­eran, after they have com­pleted their inquiry project on World War 1 trenches, or accom­pa­ny­ing stu­dents to work at Win­nipeg Har­vest or to assist a stu­dent fundrais­ing cam­paign after their par­tic­i­pa­tion in “We Day”, Brandi con­tin­u­ally stands up for increas­ing com­mu­nity involve­ment and global aware­ness among our students.

Along with her ded­i­ca­tion to her stu­dents and staff, Brandi has spent count­less hours inside and out­side of school hours to share her knowl­edge through pro­fes­sional learn­ing expe­ri­ences. She has pre­sented and orga­nized numer­ous events for the MSLA, Man­ACE, EdCam­p­Wpg, SAGE, MERN and MTS. Brandi’s pre­sen­ta­tions always hit on the lat­est trends in edu­ca­tion that move learn­ing, inquiry and tech­nol­ogy inno­va­tion for­ward, such as BYOD, cod­ing, Mak­er­spaces and more. Along with shar­ing her exper­tise, Brandi con­tin­ues to embrace her own learn­ing as she works toward her Mas­ters of Edu­ca­tion and actively par­tic­i­pates in the devel­op­ment of her pro­fes­sional learn­ing net­work both online and with con­fer­ences and workshops.