MSLA distinguished service awards

When one thinks of school libraries in Man­i­toba in the past twenty years, one name that con­tin­u­ally rises to the top is Nell Ududec. Ms Ududec is cur­rently the Edu­ca­tional Resources/Library Con­sul­tant for the Pem­bina Trails School Divi­sion, a posi­tion she has held for the past seven years buther love and lead­er­ship for school libraries started well before her appointment.

After receiv­ing train­ing in school librar­i­an­ship at the Uni­ver­sity of Man­i­toba, in 1992, Nell left her class­room posi­tion at Dal­housie School where she had taught grades 2,3, and 4 for 15 years to take on the teacher-librarian posi­tion at Baird­more School. As a new school, Ms Ududec was able to leave her mark on a com­mu­nity of learn­ers that respected her love of read­ing, infor­ma­tion­lit­er­acy, teach­nol­ogy and learn­ing. The library at Baird­more was truly the “heart” of the school. It’s warm and wel­com­ing atmos­phere encour­aged many stu­dents to actively par­tic­i­pate in the many pro­grams that Nell orga­nized. Many stu­dents have later tes­ti­fied that the library activites at Baird­more School were trans­for­ma­tive expe­ri­ences and pro­vided the basis for a life-long love of read­ing and learn­ing. Her lead­er­ship in lit­er­acy, inquiry and tech­nol­ogy stood out as she pro­vided many porefes­sional devel­op­ment oppor­tu­ni­ties for her staff mem­bers and col­laboroated with them to bring mean­ing­ful proe­jcts and assign­ments ot life.

Nell Ududec’s influ­ence in the library field does not stop at the school level. For many years, she served as hte trea­sureer of MSLA and in later years, as the Library Con­sul­tant for the Pem­bina Trails School Divi­sion and also served as chair and co-chair of MSLA’s annual SAGE Con­fer­ence. In her role as divi­sional library, Nell has also col­lab­o­rated the library consultants/coordinators from LRSD, WSD, and RETSD to pro­vide qual­ity library pro­fes­sional learn­ing for teacher-librarians bring­ing to Win­nipeg some of the best speak­ers and experts in the school library field. Nell has been a vital mem­ber of School Library Admin­is­tra­tors of Man­i­toba where as chair, she has pro­vided valu­able guid­ance to school library admin­is­tra­tors of var­i­ous divisions.

Always sup­port­ive of teacher-librarians and library tech­ni­cians through­out their careers, for the past seven years, Ms Ududec has pro­vided out­stand­ing pro­fes­sional learn­ing at monthly meet­ingsin Pem­bina Trails and on a one-to-one, as requested. In fact, when she put her name for­ward for her cur­rent posi­tion, it was with the under­stand­ing that she would be to pro­vide qual­ity pro­fes­sional learn­ing to school library staffs though­out the divi­sion — PL was her num­ber one pri­or­ity and she con­tin­ues to deliver on this promise daily. Nell takes spe­cial inter­est in men­tor­ing those who are new to the role of teacher-librarian and library tech­ni­cian. Both groups talk of her car­ing, enthu­si­as­tic and approach­able nature as they moved into these demand­ing positions.

in 2008 and 2009, Nell was the dri­ving force behind the improvemnt and devel­op­ment of library col­lec­tions in the Pem­bna Trails School Divi­sion. The renewal of school libraries, wtih the pur­chase of new books, mate­ri­als and data­bases is still clearly evi­dent today. The amount of work Nell put in nego­ti­at­ing with the school board, coor­di­nat­ing book ven­dors and assist­ing school in pur­chas­ing can­not go unno­ticed. In 2012, Nell nego­ti­atied and imple­mented in a PTSD school libraries. Des­tiny quest, a state of the art library OPAC that allow any­time any­where access to library reources.

It has been the stu­dents that she has taught, and the schools that she men­tored over the years who have ben­e­fited the most from her guid­ance and lead­er­ship in shcool libraries. She has ded­i­cated her pro­fes­sional teach­ing career to ensur­ing that all stu­dents and teach­ers find their pas­sions and given the right tools to succeed.

Library Tech­ni­cian Support

Ms Ududec has pro­vided the high­est qual­ity of lead­er­ship to the the library staff for the past sev­er­a­lyears. She ensures that our library tech­ni­cians are kept well informed of new devel­op­ments in the rapidly chang­ing world of libraries. Ms Ududec also played an instru­men­tal role in obtain­ing a day-long work­shop for library technicians.

She often finds expert pre­seters or presents pro­fes­sional learn­ing ses­sions her­self. Her pas­sion for 21st cen­tury learn­ing and related tech­nolo­gies keep out libraries at the fore­front. Nell is very approach­able for the library tech­ni­cians. Her abil­ity to sup­port staff wtih com­pas­sion and under­stand­ing is one of her best qual­i­ties. She never hes­i­tates to acknowl­edge a job well done by the library staff of our Divsion.

Nell Ududec con­tin­ues to be a leader and advo­cate for strong libraries at the shcools, divi­sional, and provin­cial level. Con­grat­u­la­tions Nell on a well deserved award!