MSLA Seed Grants

MSLA Seed Grants

The Man­i­toba School Library Asso­ci­a­tion is pleased to offer three, $330.00 grants to school libraries need­ing fund­sto improve their school library pro­grams and col­lec­tions.  The pur­pose of the grants is to address inequities in school library fund­ing and encour­age school library staffs to increase the inno­va­tion of their pro­grams and the diver­sity of their col­lec­tions.   Pos­si­ble uses for the grant might be to:

  • pur­chase mate­ri­als for your Makerspace
  • pur­chase books that reflect the true his­tory of Canada’s Indige­nous population
  • pur­chase mother tongue or dual lan­guage books that reflect the diver­sity of your population
  • pur­chase LGBTQ books that reflect the make-up of the Cana­dian population
  • pur­chase mate­ri­als that sup­port inquiry-based learning
  • pur­chase mate­ri­als that sup­port dig­i­tal cit­i­zen­ship programming

Who Can Apply:

Any­one who is work­ing in a school library in Man­i­toba and is a mem­ber of the Man­i­toba School Library Asso­ci­a­tion in the same year as the appli­ca­tion has been made.

How to Enter:

1) Write a min­i­mum 250/maximum 500 word piece describ­ing why your library is a good can­di­date for the grant and how you plan to use it.

2) Sub­mit a bud­get as to how you plan to spend the money.

3) Please indi­cate your name, your email and phone num­ber, your school and its address, grades of stu­dents, school divi­sion, on your application.

4) Sub­mit your writ­ten piece and bud­get to MSLA’s Advo­cacy Chair, Brandi Nicholau­son (

Selec­tion Criteria:

1) Have not been awarded a seed grant from the MSLA in the past 5 years.

2) Your writ­ten piece clearly artic­u­lates a need for the grant and describes how it will be used to improve your school library program.

3) Must be will­ing to write a short arti­cle for the MSLA web­site or jour­nal in the same fis­cal year that the grant was awarded describ­ing how you used the grant money in your school library.   Since arti­cles are always more inter­est­ing with pic­tures, please sub­mit at least one pic­ture of how you used the grant.   Please ensure that the MSLA has per­mis­sion to post them on the MSLA web­site or journal.

Selec­tion Committee:

A com­mit­tee com­prised of 3 to 5 mem­bers of the MSLA Exec­u­tive will make up the selec­tion com­mit­tee.  Mem­bers of the Selec­tion Com­mit­tee are not eli­gi­ble to win.  Deci­sions of the com­mit­tee are final.

Sub­mis­sion Deadline:

April 30, 2017


Recip­i­ents will be informed by mail. Note: Cheques to recip­i­ents will be made out to the school  and not to the recip­i­ent directly.